3D Cartoon Girl Chef Woman


3D Cartoon Girl Chef Woman

Number of characters: 2

Lowpoly style chefs. Originally created with 3ds Max 2018, easy to export and modify thanks to FBX format included.

Suitable for Low Poly concept designs, presentations, advertising animations, explaining videos, real-time games and architectural visualizations.


These cooks are in the popular and convenient LowPoly style. These are original design and creation by the author based on its own knowledge and research.

|| SPECS ||

Each model have around 900 polygons average.

These models are not intended for mesh subdivision from its original concept but you can experiment for achieving new effects.

Units system is: 1 unit = 1 cm.

Characters are around 165cm to 185cm tall.

The material is standard with a diffuse color. Suitable for lit or unlit rendering. Try the unlit flat rendering, looks nice!

Each file contains a single character with its skeleton without any lights or cameras. The intention is to be ready and clean for import elsewhere