3D model freezer


3D model freezer

Smeg FAB28 50’s Style Refrigerator with interior.

Important Info: This is a improve model from the previous version published in 2011. Completed remodeled, with new materials and textures.
You can still download the previous version, it is supply as a extra file.

-Very high detailed model.
-Nice for close-up renders.
-Real size
-Only Quad polygons.
-Mesh optimized for Subdivisions.
-LightWave 3D Subpatch mode is on.
-Cinema4D HyperNurbs is activate.
-3ds Max Meshsmooth function is still in the history ready to increase the mesh resolution.

-Materials are clearly named.
-3ds Max Scanline and V-Ray files include a Mat file for change the main color.