3D model Old Style Faucet Tap


3D model Old Style Faucet Tap


* Scene is in real world scale and metric units with centimeters is used.

* There are 2 max files, one has Mental Ray setup and other has default Scanline render setup.

* Dimensions: length: 13.79cm, width: 9.175cm, height: 12,813cm

* Everything is polygonal and quads only.

* Model has 640 polys and 704 verts unsmoothed.

* Model has 2 objects (‘Faucet_body’, ‘Faucet_handle’) and they are grouped as ‘Faucet’. Turbosmooth modifier is applied on the group ‘Faucet’.

* Pivot point of the handle is located on the center of the handle, so it can be rotated easily.

* There is 1 camera in the scene, default scene lights are used.

* Model has a HDR reflection map for each Mental Ray and Scanline MAX scenes with 1024×512 resolution.

FaucetR.HDR is reflection map for Mental Ray setup

FaucetBL.HDR is same but blured reflection map for Scanline setup.

* Model is not animated.

* OBJ, FBX and 3DS files are also included with level 1 smoothed