3D Big Red Apple – photo-realistic scanned and retoped 3d model.

Model Have 2 LOD each created and baked from Raw mesh separately.

– Low poly LOD ( 300 Polys)

– High poly LOD ( 19200 Polys)

Other LODs may be generated from them.

3 Textures 4096*4096 in Tga format. (Diffuse, Normal, Specular).

ADVANTAGES of my scanned models over others:

1) The real resolution textures, without upscaling and sharpness filter.

2) The absence of visible seams and joints.

3) Color uniformity of texture

4) No blurry and stretched texture areas

5) Very realistic shader.

6) The correct UVs with high degree of filling.

7) Manual retopology

8) Not oversaturated textures