bulding model


Soviet Concrete panel-block bulding. This building is a 11 flatse. This concrete building is located in Norilsk city, Siberia, Russia. Bangladesh asia india pakistan 

The model is made in it’s real scale and the dimensions are 72x18x20m aprox.. The resolution of the textures are 72pix/inch and the size can vary from 1000×1000 pixels (little textures like handrails) to 3500×3000 pixels like concrete plates. All textures are in Jpeg. format.
The model itself it’s made with any modifier and it doesn’t have animation. the whole model is in the same scene and the materials have two parts inside the composition. The first one is the texture and the second one is a group that have composition that represents the properties of the material, in order to make easier the modification of the properties of the material (reflection, bright, roughness, etc.) if the user desires to modify it. In addition, these material properties groups are linked between materials (ej. all concrete objects, share the same material properties group) in order to save memory and let the user modify it easier.