samll village

Vietnamese jungle village 3D model set. No building mesh repetition what-so-ever, all buildings have interiors. Asset uses just 46 power of two resolution textures. Model is light enough to be used for games or simulations, and is equally suited for offline rendering for film or print. Set contains over 70 unique buildings.


Scripting language used to generate this model is available for application to any arbitrary street system. If you have a real piece of urban terrain you need to recreate in 3D form, our scripts can build it for you at a fraction of the costs of traditional methods. Model can be created in days, rather than months. Please ask for details. Part of a huge linked collection available from ES3DStudios. Other sets from us re-use same texture set.


Model consists of 275,398 polygons spread over approx. 200m x 200m. Over 70 unique buildings. No mesh repetition between mass structures. Small items of detail (tables, chairs, barrels,, trees etc.) are repeated.


All renders shown here created with 3ds Max and mental ray.   Modeled predominately in quads. Quoted poly count is for triangles.


Please Note: Textures are supplied only in the 3ds Max and Maya MB zips – download one of these archives whatever format you require.