This model is suitable for use in broadcast, high-res film closeup, advertising, design visualization, forensic presentation, etc

– The model is accurate with the real world size and scale


– Model is built to real-world scale

– Scene objects are organized by groups

– No third-party renderer or plug-ins


No smooth:

Polygons: 205968

Vertices: 105242

Subdivision Level 1

Polygons: 826324

Vertices: 417776

Subdivision Level 2

Polygons: 3305296

Vertices: 1661974


High-resolution textures number: 27

25   8000*8000px

2 4000*4000px

NOTE: This model contains poles (more than 5 edges that converge to a single vertex.)


– File formats other than 3ds Max exported as base mesh (not smoothed)

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