wooden table bench and stool 3D model


wooden table bench and stool 3D model

Minimalist Wooden Artek Alvar Aalto Table Stool Set. Simple object for any interior or exterior furnishing. Nice Uvs Layout for further composition of texture.

Units Used: meters

*************************** Model Data ***************************

Model Name: AaltoTableSet11

Poly Count: 532

Tri Count: 8

Quad Count: 524

Vertex Count : 534

Renderer      :V-Ray 3.60.03

3ds Max Version : 2018

*************************** Textures *****************************

Texture: Cherry_Bump.png, Size:4096×4096

   texture for wood bump

Texture: Cherry_Diffuse.png, Size:4096×4096

   texture for wood glossy look

Texture: Cherry_Reflect.png, Size:4096×4096

   texture for wood look

Material: AaltoTableSet11.mtl (contain material list for jar.obj file)